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Microsoft was one of the most memorable experiences for the children, in part because of Microsoft's generous gifts of Xboxes for all. Thank you, Microsoft!
Classroom experiences are a very important part of the Summer Experience in Seattle program. Our classroom and lessons are provided by Bellevue Children's Academy.
After we checked the children in at the Redmond Marriott, we took them out to dinner at Claim Jumper, thinking since they were so tired they may not be able to eat much. So we were ready to order kid'...
Mayumi Nakamura delivered gifts from the Seattle Mariners to a junior high baseball team in Kesennuma on November 11, 2011. Our support efforts started within days of the disaster.
Would you like to help PSP Children's Foundation? We are looking for volunteers and companies to visit this year. Please call us at 425-957-0808 or email us at info@pspchildrensfoundation.org and tell...
This is a photo from when the children arrived at SEATAC from Japan on a Delta flight last summer. They did not know yet what to expect while visiting Seattle, and we didn't know how they would react ...
Delta says they will help us with PSPCF's program again this year. They gave us a very special price for the children visiting Seattle last summer and they will do so again for this year's summer prog...
First on the tour agenda last summer was a trip to see the Port of Seattle, Pier 91 and The Holland America Line Cruise Ships. Here are a few pictures of the students on their tour.
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Welcome to PSP Children's Foundation's blog! Founded in 2012, PSP Children's Foundation was formed in response to the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami disasters in March 2011. We organized a program ca...